White Perch Fish Kill – Update

Contributed by Matt Verdirame, Chair Lake and Dam Committee

Why are white perch dying? Update

Recently we have had a whole bunch of white perch dying on us in the lake.  As soon as we learned of these fish dying we called on Bill K of Aquatic Environments to come down and check it out.  He tested the water for oxygen levels and found the levels to be very good.  He also took a fish back to the lab to do an autopsy on the fish.

As a result, he believes the fish are dying from a bacterial disease called Columnaris.  Because the fish are primarily white perch he is not overly concerned because he says white perch are highly susceptible to this disease.  The disease seems to manifest itself especially under periods of stress which this crazy weather is causing.   He has advised us to keep an eye on the fish to see if it is affecting any other species or if many more die.   He also advised us that there is not much we should do at this point.

This is all I can tell you at this point, but be assured that we are cognizant of the problem and we will do whatever we can to solve the mystery.