Winter Tree Maintenance

Contributed by Sue Heller

This winter, Cumberland Valley Tree Service will be doing tree maintenance throughout Lake Heritage. This will include the removal of diseased trees and/or those with compromised canopies that are in danger of uprooting in heavy rains, winds, and/or ice along with the removal of dangling dead and low limbs. Also included in the work is the fertilization of a Black Oak tree in an attempt to save it. A total of eleven trees will be removed throughout the lake: nine in Shady Grove, one in Pleasanton Cove, and one on Lee.

The Maintenance/Beautification Committee went through a lengthy assessment to determine which trees to remove. First, the Committee tagged trees that appeared to have issues. This included trees with distressed foliage, missing large portions or dead canopies, rotted and/or extreme disfigured/bowed trunks, and ash trees that are threatened by the infestation of the deadly ash borer.

Since our Maintenance Department does not have the manpower, equipment, nor the expertise in tree care needed for this project, the Committee contacted local tree services/landscape contractors to inspect the tagged trees. Fortunately, a few trees were saved during this step and removed from the list.

After receiving three bids for the work, the Committee selected the lowest one from Cumberland Valley Tree Service.

In our efforts to save money, we have asked Cumberland Tree Service to leave all wood behind in large lengths for membership use. This is wood is available to all at the lake on a first come, first serve basis.

Please contact Sue Heller at with questions or further information regarding this project.