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Photos in slide show of the Spring courtesy of Bill Sherman and others. Featured image: A junior bicyclist,  gets safety tips from the LHPOA Chief of Safety and Security, Dan Tapper. The next image is of the Clean-Up crew led by long time road leaders Tom and Nina Dolly, volunteers Brian and Phyllis French and Matt and Ila Verdirame ventured out with gloves, bags, and pickers to meet the challenge of road clean up. They picked and filled ten large black garbage bags!

From peaceful evenings on a quiet lake, to the excitement and sounds of our annual regatta! Lake Heritage becomes your home and your favorite vacation spot. Cradled in the Susquehanna Valley in South Central Pennsylvania. A community of friends and families working together for the common good.

Click here to see our Comprehensive Weather Station courtesy of Dan Tapper located on the shoreline of Lake Heritage.

Added May 18, 2018 Contributed by George Thorsen Pool Now Has Free WiFi | Received May 17, 2018

Added May 16, 2018 Contributed by Matt Verdirame | Volunteers Needed for Road Clean Up | Received May 16, 2018

Added May 15, 2018 Contributed by Dan Tapper | Bike Rodeo Held at the Community Center | Received May 15, 2018

Added May 13, 2018 Contributed by Scott Wehler | Rotary Sponsors Used Bicycle and Sewing Machine Drive | Received May 12, 2018

Added May 1, 2018 Contributed by Webmaster | Swales : A Key Component of the Lake Heritage Ecosystem | Received July 28, 2017 and updated May 1, 2018

Added April 30, 2018 Contributed by George Thorsen State of the Art Media System Being Tested in Community Center | Received April 30, 2018

Added April 30, 2018 Contributed by Ila Verdirame | Saturday Morning Clean-Ups | Volunteer Opportunity | Received April 30, 2018

Added April 23, 2018 Contributed by Phyllis French | Women’s Club Asks for Donations for Christmas Garlands | Received April 23, 2018




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