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Photos in slide show of the Autumn courtesy of Bill Sherman.

From peaceful evenings on a quiet lake, to the excitement and sounds of our annual regatta! Lake Heritage becomes your home and your favorite vacation spot. Cradled in the Susquehanna Valley in South Central Pennsylvania. A community of friends and families working together for the common good.

 Click on TV set to go to lakeheritage.org/live. Our next feature is John Tucci’s presentation concerning Next Year’s Treatment of the Lake. The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 26 at 7 pm. However, you can see the presentation in real time or recorded courtesy of the association website.

Click here to see our Comprehensive Weather Station courtesy of Dan Tapper located on the shoreline of Lake Heritage.

Added November 15  2017 Contributed by George Thorsen, Technology Committee | Live TV and Recorded Media Streaming | Received November 15, 2017

Added November 13  2017 Contributed by George Thorsen, Nominating Committee | Nominating Committee is in Search of Good Candidates | Received November 13, 2017

Added November 3  2017 Contributed by Phyllis French | Urgent Call for Volunteers to Place Flags | Received November 3, 2017

Added November 2  2017 Contributed by the Webmaster | All Newsletters Available Online | Received October 29, 2017

Added October 29 2017 Contributed by Beth Bauer of the LHPOA Board of Directors | Lake Saver’s Message at LHPOA Town Hall Presentation | Received October 29, 2017

Added October 26 2017 Contributed by Contributed by the Community Center Oversight Committee | Community Center Rental Information | Received October 26, 2017

Added October 26 2017 Contributed by LHPOA Security and Safety | Speed Signs show Good Driving Habits | Received October 26, 2017

Added October 26 2017 Contributed by Dorothy Carlino | LETTER OF THANKS FROM DOROTHY CARLINO | Received October 26, 2017




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