Other Recreation

Walking Trails and Much More
                 Photo courtesy of a Lake Heritage community resident

For avid walkers, the Lake Heritage community has the Pleasanton and Johnson Avenue walking trails, which are the result of a grassroots volunteer movement. In addition, we have miles of roads through quiet clusters of homes that walkers enjoy, too.

Joggers and power walkers make their appearance in all but the most inclement weather. Our gentle hills (some not as gentle as others) push the athletes to exert themselves to the fullest extent.

Basketball, Shuffleboard, and Baseball

The basketball and shuffleboard courts can be found right next to the Community Center and are open to all residents. Shuffleboard equipment can be found at the Community Center.

The newest addition to Lake Heritage’s recreation resources is a baseball field. Mountains of dirt from various projects were reborn to form this Field of Dreams. Shouts of “Play Ball!” can be heard throughout the spring and summer months.

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