What You Need To Know


Can anyone use the facilities at Lake Heritage?

Lake Heritage is a private community; access to the lake and other facilities is restricted to residents only. Guests must be accompanied by a resident when using community facilities.

How can Lake Heritage security staff issue traffic tickets?

Lake Heritage is a private community. As such, under the provisions of Pennsylvania law governing private communities, each community has the responsibility to establish local rules and regulations and can issue fines for such things as traffic tickets and violations involving boating. In addition, the Pennsylvania State Police and the Department of Natural Resources police and enforce state laws within the boundaries of Lake Heritage.

Does Lake Heritage have its own school system?

No. Lake Heritage students attend one of two public school systems. The Gettysburg school system is for students living on the west side of the lake. The east side is half Gettysburg and half Littlestown.

What are the dues for Lake Heritage Property Owner Association members?

As a private community, Lake Heritage residents pay dues to the community association for such things as road maintenance, a community center and pool, lake and dam maintenance, salaries for full-time and part-time employees, as well as capital improvements. The amount of dues is established each year by the Board of Directors; currently, the dues are about $1300 per year

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