Resources Overview

For Lake Heritage residents, the Forms page provides convenient access to the most frequently used forms you’ll need to reserve the community center, request a building permit, etc. We’ve also provided access to less frequently used forms, such as the pool pass and work request forms.
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General Information
If you’re considering purchasing property at Lake Heritage or are a new resident in the community, the General Information page includes information you’ll want to know.
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Resident Information
The Resident Information page is a collection of community and regional contacts (name, phone, and website), organized by subject.
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Local Businesses
The Local Business page highlights all the businesses that regularly advertise in our newsletter. You can sort the businesses by column, such as business category, or if you want a basic alphabetical list, sort by business name.
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Home Sales
The Home Sales page includes a list of the real estate agencies that service central Adams County. Of note, LHPOA regulations require that potential buyers be accompanied by a licensed real estate agent. For visits to “for sale by owner” properties, you must call the owner of the property and arrange a visit.
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