LHPOA, Lake Heritage Property Owners’ Association, is self-governing. There is an elected Board of Directors who collectively have duties and responsibilities similar to a town council.

The Board of Directors has a president, vice-president,  secretary, and treasurer. In a yearly election, each household votes for one or more candidates who, when elected, have a three-year term of office. The Board of Directors meets once a month in public to discuss LHPOA business and to decide matters related to the administration and finances of the lake. In order to divide governance, each board member is tasked with overseeing one or more committees which currently are the following:

  • Public Relations Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Governance Committee
  • Lake Committee
  • Operations Committee
  • Nominating Committee
  • Personnel Committee
  • Safety Committee
  • Pool Committee
  • Strategic Planning Committee

In addition, the board hires a community manager who runs the everyday operations of the LHPOA, assists and advises in all matters of governance, and manages LHPOA employees.


Lake Heritage By-Laws, etc. | Click to download

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