2020-07-20 Lake Treatment for Algae

Contributed by Michael Caywood

This note is to provide an update on lake treatment for algae. On 7/15, a communication was sent out to inform the community of the plan to transition to copper sulfate treatment, for the rest of the season, instead of the bio formula.

It was also noted that we will begin copper sulfate treatments when it is safe to do so, factoring in dissolved oxygen levels and our fish population.

We have been working with the company that will be applying the copper treatments and there are concerns that the current heatwave, causing high water temps, combined with the algae bloom condition is a bad recipe for safely treating the lake. The main concern is that higher water temps result in lower dissolved oxygen levels. The process of applying copper to kill off algae also depletes dissolved oxygen levels, putting fish at risk.

We do have a plan lined up, involving multiple applications, at intervals, to address the algae, while minimizing risk to the fish population.

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