Running for LHPOA Board of Directors

If you would like to run, please fill out a CANDIDATE BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH.

Candidates needed

Lake Heritage is directed by unpaid volunteers – the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is composed of nine (9) Lake Heritage members who have been elected for three-year terms to serve the community by managing its affairs. It is difficult to create a comprehensive job description because the job varies from month to month and according to community needs. However, as an absolute minimum, each director is expected to:

  • Attend a monthly meeting usually held on the second Wednesday or Thursday of the month and to chair a committee.
  • Attend workshops that precede the regular meetings.
  • Chair one or more committees and maintain and recruit the committee’s members.
  • Summarizes his/her committee’s scheduled meetings, activities, suggestions, or projects monthly at the regular meeting.
  • Attend additional meetings to discuss one or more specific topics that demand immediate attention.

The Nominating Committee as per Article IV, Section 10 of the LHPOA by-laws is charged with soliciting not less than five (5) persons to be candidates for membership on the Board of Directors. Each candidate submits a bio-sketch which allows the applicant to give the community some personal and impersonal data about themselves to act as a guide in the election process.

The Bio-sketch

The Nominating Committee will ask for a candidate’s name, address, telephone number, email address, lot number, personal background, education, interests or hobbies, and platform. In this way voters who do not know the candidate personally will evaluate the candidate’s qualifications and appropriateness for the job. There is an online biographical sketch available to download and complete.

There are many reasons why someone chooses to run for the board. Perhaps they are attracted to the challenging work. Perhaps they have one or more ideas that they would like to see get off the ground. Perhaps they have an area of expertise that is sorely needed.  If you know someone or are someone who is motivated to run for the board, please take action. We are currently accepting bio-sketches until December 31, 2020 at 5 pm


This year’s procedure for how candidates may campaign is still being finalized by the board.  COVID-19 presents certain safety considerations that are different from prior years and must be taken into consideration.  Please check back here for more information when it becomes available.


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